Thank you.

Now, right now and forever, we are one.

I want you since the day I’ve met you.
And I melt on your gaze, every time you frown.

I get hung up on your voice, as it seethes and burns into my veins… as to adjust my heart rhythm to the beating going on beneath your own skin, deep inside your chest; the centre of everything that is warm and meaningful to me.
Why won’t you stay? Please, quit joking and tell me that you won’t leave in five hours, in four hours in a half, in three hours and twenty minutes.

Your smell…
Your skin…
My heart
Is mine!
Take it, it’s yours.
I’ve always thought of myself as complete, and full, and whole. But with you I see, with you I find the line between me and the abysm eating through my days unexplainably clear.
You are what’s missing. I only exist with you.

And if lovemaking is actually makeable and it is even conceivable that two humans can be capable of such magnificent act; then we are the ones transgressing possibility and preaching, for love is what we do. What we are. What is between us.
The Verb is real when your eyes meets mine.
I wish there would be time, more time for me to get to know you better and memorize over and over again every inch of you, while humming; for me to look at you endlessly and… if you are you and I am me, let us please be just one… thing, clasped and enmeshed together in a continuous and cyclic unity with no time nor space or any other worldly prison to it.
I want you for me, and for me alone.
Will you marry me? Do you want to?
Let us not be that short-sighted and refrain to the mundane side of this, for my love for you outstretches the Earth: I want to be with you, just exist with you forever.
I wish I could watch you wake up defencelessly,
And I wish I could watch you sleep, all night.
More; I wish I could steal you from this world and keep you for me until the end of the days, so that I could make you a baby and keep you safe while you’re with my child, and – if that can ever be – see you pregnant and be overwhelmed with your immense beauty, for you’d be even more beautiful than you already are. I hope that four years from now, when you return, you come to me and let me take you
Take you to the beach where we were born, where we first met,
To the beach where we can be one and exist to the infinity
To the beach where we could drink each other incessantly, tirelessly and without care,
For providence is a beautiful thing and I only feel thirsty when I long for you.

For there would be no airplanes to take
No city waiting up on us to wake up
And all but Nature would be gone

Why is my life scarred by distance
And departure
And miles of goodbyes, parallel to each other as if they were rails…
It is horribly, downright sad that not even all traffic lights turning red gave us enough time to put some muteness to the fatal distance crashing up on us and smothering our love with drowning break-ups and tears.

I want you to be happy and feel good and have the night of your life,
And to forget you’re leaving in twenty minutes.
I want to keep you inside me until I return,
I won’t move your hairs from my car;
I won’t take this bracelet off ever again;
I won’t even bathe if that keeps your divine smell with me a little bit longer…

Our children; they would be blonde and have your eyes
And my mouth
And your hair,
And a smile and innocence of their own, for they would know nothing but Love.

Send me away… or else, I’ll neve leave.
Go away…
Come back.
Only if to your arms.

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