At sea

You are my Ocean's bottom.
You are my beginning, my end
The herein farthest place where light won't hit nor cast the faintest shadow
And the tower that supports the everything that is me.

If I am to be the Sea
Then you'd surely be the salt and the deepness that holds me together
And the Moon that changes tides
And all that is Life and God, in between

For you are animal, you are human
you are unquestionably and insanely divine
And there is music, and hope
And fears, and joy
And a midst of enthusiasm and childish euphoria with pain
Memoralia and strong, embedded beliefs
That grow and mature to an unique, unlikely, everlasting fufilled you

Loving you entirely will keep me safe
And guard me at night
and keep me from all despair
For you are sure, and eternal, and far too beautiful inside-out to put out with words
There's so much more to the all that you give body too...
That it is not sickening, but intoxicatingly attractive and whole to even put thought to.

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